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Alyssa Glanville & Sean McKeever

When it comes to pushing the envelope of West Coast Swing, Sean McKeever and Alyssa Glanville are the couple to watch. Independently, these two Champion dancers are known for their work ethic, love of movement, and joy of sharing their art. Sean has a history as a black belt in martial arts and grew up dancing through a local ballroom program called Nordquist. Ironically, that is where he met Alyssa, a charismatic athlete who also had a deep love for dance and movement.

They’ve shared the floor throughout their careers and finally have joined forces as a partnership. Between the two of them, they hold several titles in Classic, Strictly Swing, and Jack and Jills. But more importantly, they are committed to continuously growing themselves as dancers and artists, and will share that passion as they teach around the world.

Ben Morris

Both a Champion Lindy Hopper and a Champion West Coast Swing Dancer, Ben Morris began swing dancing at the age of 12 and is now a 2 time World Swing Dance Champion, 3 time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, Spirit of Lindy Hop award winner, a California Swing Dance Hall of Fame award winner, and a featured dancer in the movie Love N’ Dancing and the Leann Rimes Music Video “Swingin.”

A graduate of UCLA, he currently lives in Orange County, California, running his weekly dance Swingin the Blues and regularly guest teaching at several local colleges during the week. On the weekends Ben travels all over the world to teach, compete, MC, judge and perform, and is known for his fun dance style, infectious personality, and enjoyable workshops.

Lauren Jones and Chuck Brown

Chuck and Lauren met while Lauren was living and social dancing her heart out in Singapore and Chuck was there working at an event in 2018. They have been great friends ever since. It was not until June last year that they decided to join forces as a teaching couple and it has been an epic whirlwind of a time.

Coupling Chuck's invaluable amount of experience and passion for WCS with Lauren's hyperactivity and love of movin' and groovin', it makes for a dynamic and rather entertaining duo! They hope to encourage and inspire new and current dancers of the community whilst continuing to develop their own teaching and dancing styles as this beautiful dance also constantly evolves. They are very much looking forward to working and dancing with you!

Karin Kakun

Karin Kakun has been dancing all her life. She holds a university dance degree and has now taught dance for more than 14 years. She teaches WCS, Hip-Hop and stretching. She also choreographs and performs. Before starting dancing WCS, she was the Israeli salsa champion.

Karin started her WCS career in 2014 and from the first moment she fell in love. She is now competing both in All Star and Champion divisions and teaching in Israel, where she directs a West Coast Swing school. She actively travels and teaches all around Europe.